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Haskell's House - a vegetarian and environmentally friendly rental cottage in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.  Weekly and Monthly vacation rentals are available at this cute, vegan, self-catering, environmentally-friendly, green, and chemically free cottage for strict vegetarian and chemically sensitive visitors.  Vacation rental, vacation home, vacation house, vacation cottage, vacation cabin, florida vacation rental cottage, florida vacation rental cabin, florida vacation rental home, florida vacation rental house, south florida, broward county, palm beach county, Fort Lauderdale, South Florida, vegetarian vacation cottage for rent, vegetarian vacation home for rent, vegetarian vacation cabin for rent, vegetarian vacation house for rent, florida vacation cottage for rent, florida vacation cabin for rent, florida vacation house for rent, florida vacation home for rent

....a vegetarian dwelling in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.

About Us and the House

We are your neighbors, Gary and Cara. We're strict vegetarians with a house full of rescued animals; the house is named for Haskell, a large cat who guarded the place and slept in it for years until he passed on.


We bought the house to make sure it would not be demolished, like so many old houses in this insensitive city, to build another soulless townhouse complex or a McMansion. After purchasing the house, we spent much of our free time scraping, patching and painting the interior to our standards. Many distinguished environmental, social justice, and animal rights activists have made use of the house for various causes in the past 12 years, so we like to think the house has acquired some good karma.


We live in a small house next door, and decided that rather than rent Haskell’s House full time, we'd keep it as our guest quarters and make it available for other like-minded people to use for their temporary home.


We look for people who will appreciate the house's laid-back feeling, quirky period charm, and the way we've set it up to embody and foster environmental responsibility. It's the perfect place for a quiet restful, low-key, life. We live right next door and enjoy the atmosphere and energy created by content, appreciative, people. We hope many wonderful people will enjoy the house!

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